Welcome to the 2018 Edition of the Best of Boise!

Have fun and vote for your favorites, but you should know that voting will end at midnight, Monday, April 30.

Here are some important rules to make sure your votes count:

1. There are no write-ins. Our 2018 Boise of Boise finalists were selected by an unprecedented number of nominations from the general public, and only those final nominees are on this year’s ballot.

2. Some Best of Boise categories will have several nominees, some will only have a few. That’s all based on the feedback during our nomination process, which was also open to the public.

3. Don’t worry if you haven’t voted in every Best of Boise category. There isn’t a minimum number of votes necessary for your ballot to count.

4. You’ll be able to vote for the Best of Boise from your computer or mobile device and won’t need to complete all your voting at once. You’ll be able to log back in at any time before midnight, April 30 to continue voting.

Yes, some merchants have purchased advertisement to help promote votes in their categories. But they don’t reflect any sponsorship of the Best of Boise categories or the voting process.